There always was a plan, a credo, a scheme if ewe like. Cast your mind back to the start of the millennium when one facsimilie sheep was procured, inflated, affixed with “Alice Cooper” like makeup, christened Dolly and then launched, metaphorically and actually, on Alice Cooper and an unsuspecting public.

Flushed with Dolly’s coming out ball and stage time with Mr Cooper the Nation of Ovine was launched allowing like minded individuals, animals & organisations to #sheepthefaith.

It became apparent that the Nation of Ovine (TNOO) needed to raise it’s profile and so our credo, to create a brand, create a product and to create a kerfuffle was born.

The Nation of Ovine’s membership has swollen as people, animals & organisations have embraced cloning, anthropomorphism & nationhood.

Our membership can be proudly observed wearing their #sheepshirt(s). The most successful of which have been the #batch1 #sheepshirt and the now almost legendary #batch2 glow in the dark #sheepshirt variant.

The Nation of Ovine appears to have 79 members over on Facecloth. It has been suggested that we are the 1%-ers of the Alice Cooper fanbase populus. The pedantic mathematicians amongst ewe will concur that the full Alice Cooper fanbase must however number more than 7900 ?

We will remain a closed group on facecloth and our website will continue to hide in plain sight, here, at tnoo dot lansley dot wales. However we are open to new members.
All humans & animals, gender non-specific or otherwise, crocheted or otherwise, are invited to apply to join the Nation of Ovine by meeting one, some or none of these criteria.
1. Own a Nation of Ovine sheep shirt and post a picture of yourself wearing same.
2. Own a Nation of Ovine sheep shirt and decline to post a picture of yourself wearing same.
3. Trade with a sheepshirter to acquire a Nation of Ovine sheep shirt and then refer to 1.
4. Post a picture of yourself wearing someone else’s Nation of Ovine sheep shirt.
5. Post a picture of yourself wearing a Nation of Ovine badge / pin.
6. Advocate people, animals & organisations embracing cloning, anthropomorphism & nationhood.
7. Being an Alice Cooper fan!
8. Being curious as hell to find out what we are up to.
9. None of the above.
Come one, come all. Well not all but a couple more would be kind of groovy?