Sheepshirt Auction


The very last sheep shirt could be yours..

Here it is at last. EBAY.

The opportunity to buy and own the very last unworn Sheep Shirt (Batch One) from The Nation Of Ovine

On behalf of TNOO I am auctioning off this much sought after shirt to help raise money for an electric wheelchair for Long Time fan and fellow member of The Nation Of Ovine, Dee Advani.

Your chance to join this celebrated flock of Sheep Shirt owners –…

The auction goes live at 20:00 tonight (Sunday 11th October 2020) Local time (UK), it’s a seven day auction, please share with all and any interested parties, we would love to make a real dent in Dee’s target
Once again, if you’re not interested in the shirt and can spare a fiver (£5) or more, please consider giving via Claire Bridges JustGiving page here –

If 172 people gave £5 we would hit target, there are thousands of us in this weird and wonderful Cooper family of friends and fans. If you can’t support this financially just now, please just send some love and positivity.

Thank you so much for your time and please don’t be sheepish in your bidding

Peace and love
Paul Forsyth aka Vinnietheboss aka Alice G
Ambassador for The Nation Of Ovine