Who knows what 2020 might bring?

Well you’ve gone and blown it, haven’t you?, as the final sale of the #batch2, glow in the dark, Nation of Ovine T-shirt has careered to a close.  Ewe have missed the boat. All of you “I want one”-ers have missed out. All of ewe “How do I get one of those cool sheep shirts” have missed the boat. The “Lady in the local petrol station wants one as a nightie” has missed her catamaran too. “The actually my spouse, who doesn’t like Cooper, but loves that shirt design” arab dhow has sailed over the horizon. The “could you ship one to Tahiti?” raft has been dashed on the rocks. The “I can’t stand the Cooper sheep embarrassment but my daughter would love one” aircraft carrier has broken away from it’s moorings”. The “could I have one with fewer sheep” has sunk without trace. All future offers are now becalmed in the horse latitudes. You’ve missed out.

There are no plans as it stands to have any more sheep shirts manufactured. The #batch3 scratch & sniff variant has been abandoned indefinitely.

Thank ewe for your continued interest in the Nation of Ovine.