The Chengdu Two

Cast your mind(s) back to the 2016 appearance of a single #sheepshirt in Tianfu Square, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China as #no1son proudly represented the Nation of Ovine’s mufti claiming 5260 FFPOM (Furthest From Point of Manufacture) miles from Cardiff, South Wales, UK.

Fast forward to 2017 and the appearance of two sheepshirts in the same Tianfu Square. Where under the watchful gaze of Mao, several wary soldiers and a gathering curious throng, father and son struck their pose whilst sporting their ovine finery. Photos snapped it became apparent that a number of locals including an elderly grandmother wanted a similar photo. As she demanded that one of her party snap her and as the soldiers edged in ever closer we made our escape into the voluminous underground station.

Point of #FFPOM clarification. Submissions of sheepshirt photos are on an INDIVIDUAL basis and as such two individuals are now in the database both jointly 3rd behind the Phnom Penh & Singapore candidates, currently.