Focus on The Nether Regions

Our Furthest From Point Of Manufacture (FFPOM) competition launched back in 2012. Since then our members have focused on getting into the top 20 as well as jostling for that coveted first place. Currently top of the pile is PP snapped 10671 miles away at Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

Although 2020 is still less than a month old we are aware of antipodean schemes being hatched to do some serious damage to the top of the top 20.

But what of the nether regions of that list way outside the top 20 occupied by the majority of our UK members. Once again bottom of the current list is PP claiming a mere 12 miles from the point of manufacture in Cardiff, South Wales.

So how do you go about claiming a lower FFPOM total than 12 I hear ewe enquire? Well ewe’d have to go to Andrews Road in Llandaff North Cardiff and have your photo, wearing your sheepshirt, by the Old Vaughn’s Laundry / Old Victorian Buildings. Minor fly in your ointment being that the buildings burnt to the ground in 2013. I’m sure that if ewe approached someone in Andrews Road today wearing your shirt and asked them where Visible Art were that created the batch01 sheepshirt they would tell ewe where to go! Or ewe could go down the docks to South Point Industrial Estate where Visible Art are today as the glow in the dark batch02 sheep shirts were made there. A photo taken there in your mufti would allow ewe to claim a princely 0 FFPOM miles.

Pob lwc and ewe are welcome!