Focus on The Upper Regions

Should ewe be considering heading down under in 2020 for part of the Australia / New Zealand tour ewe’ll want to pack your sheepshirt for an antipodean selfie. A great opportunity to do some serious damage to the Furthest From Point Of Manufacture (FFPOM) top 20!
But just how much damage I hear ewe ask? The Nation of Ovine has done the research for ewe.
Christchurch is a whopping 11853 FFPOM miles from Cardiff, South Wales.
Or how about a trip to Campbell Island on a day off. 12102 FFPOM miles!
Ewe are most welcome.
7841 Pemuteran Beach Bali << Gwil currently 2nd place
9127 Perth – 08FEB2020
10233 Adelaide – 11FEB2020
10367 Brisbane – 18FEB2020
10628 Melbourne 14FEB2020
10671 Sydney – 15FEB2020 << Phil P currently 1st place
10942 Hobart, Tasmania
11420 Auckland – 20FEB2020
11725 Wellington NZ
11853 Christchurch NZ – 22FEB2020
11954 Dunedin, NZ
11968 The Auckland Islands
12102 Campbell Island
Please note that by 1991 the Campbell Islands colony of feral sheep had been eradicated. There’s a great opportunity right there.

A photo of ewe sporting your sheepshirt outside the MCG, for example, would allow ewe to claim 10628 FFPOM miles. As things stand that would place ewe in 2nd position.

1st place is currently claimed is 10671 FFPOM miles at Sydney Harbour Bridge / Dawes Point / Sydney Opera House area. Travelling 84 miles away from Cardiff in this area would put ewe out in the South Pacific Ocean! If you were to provide guaranteed photographic evidence of ewe in your sheepshirt at Sydney Airport or perhaps more interestingly at Bondi Beach that would equate to 10675 FFPOM miles! 1st place subject to a NoO member appearing in New Zealand, Tasmania or Campbell Island in the foreseeable.

The Nation of Ovine uses this free map tool for distance calculation from Cardiff, Wales 🐑

Places S & SE of Melbourne would get you even more miles. Venus Bay is 10704 FFPOM miles away. Feed some other places on this map into the map tool above should ewe desire. Get Roger to assist ewe.

Clear as mud. Pob lwc!